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Why Environmental Care?

Deforestation, garbage pollution, and forest fires are among the many serious environmental issues in and around Tiruvannamalai. The environmental projects of Regenboog aim to conserve natural resources for future generations while also raising environmental awareness among the people of Tiruvannamalai.


We aim to not only provide sustainable solutions to environmental issues but also to actively engage in raising environmental awareness and shaping public attitudes and behaviours that can make a difference.


Tiruvannamalai town, the holy Arunachala hill, the Kavuthi hills, and the Paruvatha hill.


1. Afforestation Programs

Throughout the year, we conduct intensive afforestation programs. Over 3,000 saplings are grown in the Regenboog nursery, every year and then planted in the holy Arunachala hill, the Kavuthi Hills, and the town's forests. The saplings are also distributed to government schools by The Mobile Library Team.

2. Water Sheds For Animals

During the summer, the animals and birds in the Arunachala foothills face a severe water crisis. These animals are either poached or hit by vehicles as they travel through town in search of water. Regenboog has created 11 water ponds around the foothills to provide water for the animals throughout the summer. Water is procured and then delivered to ponds via water tankers. This water supply works begin at the arrival of summer and end with the arrival of monsoon rains.

3. Forest Firefighting

Forest fires flare up from time to time in the hills' forests. Regenboog actively participates in firefighting alongside the forest department and other charities in the town.

4. Hill cleaning project

Every year, extensive hill cleaning projects are undertaken in the Parvathamalai, and the holy Arunachala hills. Numerous trash cans are built, and cleaning camps with volunteer assistance are being planned on a regular basis.

5. Cleaning programs on the Girivalam path

Every month, approximately 4,00,000 people walk down the Girivalam path (the path that circles the sacred Arunachala foothill), resulting in massive food and plastic waste production. Regenboog has been assigned a 2km track by the district government, which our team is cleaning and maintaining with the help of volunteers.

6. Public Awareness Campaigns

We hold frequent awareness campaign sessions for the people of the town, particularly for school children, to foster a sense of connection to the natural world, promote sustainable development, and encourage the conservation of irreplaceable natural resources and vulnerable plant and animal species of the town.