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Why Environmental Care?

The are many serious environmental problems facing the area in and around Tiruvannamalai such as deforestation, garbage pollution, and the impact of a serious drought. It is imperative that these problems are addressed and that the public is educated about the problems and how to solve them.


Provide solutions to environment issues and educate the public about the issues and how they can contribute to supporting solutions.


Tiruvannamalai town and the Arunachala Hill.


Regenboog started its environmental works for the Holy Arunachala Mountain in 2008. Every year during the Deepam Festival Regenboog’s team prevent the mass plastic waste on Arunachala by educating devotees who are climbing the Hill on Deepam Day. Regenboog teams up with the other local charity, forest department, for this work. After Deepam Regenboog joins in the cleanup effort on the Hill. Regenboog also is involved in the forest fire fighting together with a local charity and volunteers when forest fires on Arunachala occur.

Recently, Tiruvannamalai had the worst drought in 142 years and the animals and birds at the foothills of Arunachala faced a big water crisis. To help them, Regenboog built six small and larger water ponds to supply drinking water in the forest and that helped the animals survive. This effort will be continued in the future when needed.

As a new initiative, a new nursery plantation was started in Arunachala Village School by Regenboog together with the students of the school. The mission of this project is to plant 5,000 saplings every year on Arunachala and also in other places.

Also Regenboog started establishing trash bins around the famous “Girivala Pathai” or known as “Pradhakshina Road” around Arunachala Mountain during the Deepam day. This is the day where over 1.5 million devotees gather and walk around on this holy path and litter everywhere, so these trash bins started to help reduce this problem.


  • Arunachala was less impacted by garbage from the huge Deepam festival because of efforts to educate the public before the festival.
  • Six water ponds provided water to the animals and birds inside the foothills of Arunachala during a serious drought.
  • Girivala Pathai was less impacted by garbage after the Deepam festival thanks to the placement of over 240 trash bins.
  • Over 5,000 trees will be planted on Arunahcala in two years time thanks to a nursery that has been established at the Arunachala Village School.