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Why Regenboog?

The Regenboog India Foundation is the dream of Madhan Mohan, a native of Tiruvannamalai, India. As a child Madhan was keenly aware of the disparities between the rich and the poor and was greatly influenced by his parents who gave selflessly to those in need. After excelling in college, Madhan worked successfully in a local charity and corporate world for a while. But when an event
occurred earlier that would change his life and lead to the development of Regenboog.
When Madhan was 24 his father became seriously ill. As the illness progressed, he was taken to a public hospital where, despite desperate pleas for help from Madhan and other family members, he died from the absence of medical attention. The injustice of the disparity of services for the rich and poor was forever seared into Madhan’s heart. Later he quit his job in the corporate world and began to have discussions with his friends about developing an organization that would provide services to the poor driven by the principles of respect and love for all who were served. In December 2006 Madhan along with a few friends started Regenboog India.

Our Local Team

Regenboog is governed by a board of trustees: Sakthi Dinakaran, Mohamed Ali Munaf, Sudhakar Arunagiri, Kumaresan Vadamalai. Madhan Mohan Govindaswamy is the Managing Trustee.


Regenboog India Foundation provides care and hope to the underprivileged living in and around the town of Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, India through services that provide education, healthcare and shelter. Regenboog's dedicated staff, volunteers and sponsors believe in the dignity of all persons and strive to uplift and enhance the lives of those they serve.


All projects operate in and around Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu, South India.

Our Support Network

From the beginning, Regenboog was supported by many good hearts from India who continue to give their generous support. Groups and individuals from many parts of the world also support Regenboog.
Regenboog is supported financially by Verein Arunachala Rising Sun, Switzerland, Verein Arunachala Village School, Switzerland, VZW Johanna Bode, Belgium, So Hum Foundation, USA, Prof. Patricia Moran, USA, One World Children’s Fund, USA, Jürg Weber foundation, Switzerland. Verein Arunachala Rising Sun supports the mobile library, evening schools, educational support project, children's village projects. Verein Arunachala Village School supports the children's village project. Prof. Patricia Moran raises support for all of the projects through One World Children's Fund.


Regenboog operates

  • The Mobile Medical Clinic provides free medical care to rural villagers.
  • The Evening School provides educational support for school-aged children living in slum areas.
  • The Mobile Library allows children to check out a book of their choice every two weeks.
  • The Educational Support Project supports youth in high school and college who otherwise would have to drop out of school.
  • The Sarasvati Children's Village provides a loving home to 42 female children.
  • The Environmental Care projects.


  • The Mobile Clinic treats over 40,000 patients every year.
  • The Evening School educates over 700 students every year.
  • The Mobile Library makes over 11,000 book distributions every year.
  • The Educational Support Project supports 11 students.
  • The Sarasvathi Children's Village gives 42 female children a safe and nourishing place to live.
  • The Environmental Care project gives drinking water to animals and birds inside the forest and provides a nursery that houses 5,000 tree saplings to be planted.