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Why Educational Sponsorships?

Many families in and around Thiruvannamalai's rural villages are struggling to get their daily bread, making it impossible for them to invest in their children's education. Lack of education causes a slew of problems, including child marriages, child labour, and forced dropouts from school to work for a living. Regenboog's educational sponsorship program provides free schooling and higher education to children from low-income families. We firmly believe that education is the most effective tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring a brighter future for rural society.

To Whom?

This program provides free education to students who meet the criteria of coming from a low-income family, either having a single parent or being orphaned. Girl children are given higher priority. Students who have completed their school education but have been unable to continue their higher education due to financial constraints are also supported through this initiative.


This program offers selected beneficiaries multifaceted assistance. We keep in touch with the institutes on a regular basis to monitor the student's progress. Meetings with the beneficiaries are held on a regular basis in order to better understand their needs and keep them motivated. In order to provide a peaceful environment for studying and preparations, the office campus also provides technology support and study spaces. Extensive career guidance programs are also organised every year.


Since 2004, this program has served as a beacon of hope for 224 students by providing free education.

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Sujatha, 17, comes from a community known for child marriage. She graduated from high school and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with the help of this program. Sujatha is now an inspiration for all girls in her community.

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